Life: A gift I receive everyday

I’m not sad or anything. I just want company. I miss God, but why doesn’t he come? I miss Him so much that I imagine myself buried in His Holy Spirit. I feel like I’m in a dark room; can’t see anything; can’t feel anything; can’t sense anything. I was blinded by the darkness—and the […]

3 Angels

I feel like living in heaven with three angels everyday :) I’m ‘sort of’, like on a vacation today along with my research paper in Humanities II. I started to see the outside world cruel too, and feel like protecting my self every now and then when I go outside. If you’re a Christian/Catholic you […]

You can always Pray.

I’ve been experiencing a spiritual change this month. Things that make me happy are not the same anymore. I rarely go outside our house to meet friends, rarely talk to strangers, and set aside my personal interests. If you’re going to ask me months ago, what is happy for me? Happy– is spending time with […]