♥ Lifetime Songs ♥

These are songs that part take half of my life, songs that makes me reminisce, we all have a playlists the resembles toour life right? So here’s mine:

SUPERMAN (It’s Not Easy)
by Five for Fighting from the album America Town (2000)

This song reminds me about my best friend.

God Of This City
by Chris Tomlin from the album Hello Love (2008)

I have three angel-like cousins and I met this song because of them. :)

Tell Me Where It Hurts
by Make Your Momma Proud (M.Y.M.P.) from the album Beyond Acoustic (2005)

There is a saying ‘True love never dies‘ but in reality, after years and years, the song you used to listen when you loved that person never dies.. ♥

[Juris Fernandez has her own version of Superman too! check it out]


by Lifehouse from the album Who We Are (2007)

This song is written by Jason Wade after visiting a friend who needs kidney-transplant. Featured on Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill, Criminal Minds, General Hospital, and in the trailer of The Time Traveler’s Wife, this song really prove its meaning in the public. :)

One of my favorites.


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