I have a very random choice of musics, in 2002 I was 6 years old and exposed with M2M musics: “Pretty Boy”, “The Day You Went Away”, “Everything You Do”, and many more, I even have their CD ^^. In my early grade school until high school,I learned to watch MYX ( because of my cousins and started to like Pinoy musics (Hale, MYMP, Spongecola, Moonstar88, Imago, Christian B., PNE etc) but love Foreign musics from Kellys’, PCDs, Boys Like Girls’, Taylor Swifts’, Katy Perrys’, 2NE1s’, SNSDs’and many more.

When I moved here in Manila, I begun changing songs, (but still I have my old songs kept in the box), from modern songs to indie and classical songs. I listen to Nico Stai, Sam Isaac, etc… and Christian songs :]

I learned to play guitar when I was in high school, all because I was a fan of Taylor Swift (see what an inspiration can do? hahaha) I printed some of her songs and played them. After a year playing guitar, I got bored and switched to piano. Though we only have keybored, Roland’s a nice brand. So I took a few classes and then quit to study on my own. Today, I;m not quite sure if I’m really good in playing piano but practice is a must!

Both of my parents play guitar, my older sister is better, and my brother [currently] joins a band, but we’re not a music-love-love-family.

Chuck TV Series Soundtracks



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