A message for someone close to my heart

I wish we could be together everyday but time flies and everything else with it goes, including you. You are one of the best things in life that happened to me the past three years. You’re my best friend. The person dear to my heart. I can genuinely say that no words can ever express how I’m so blessed with you in my life.

You made me feel loved and you understand all my emotions all at once. There were a lot of times that we get bored with each other, but God in between us, made each day more precious. I guess the best times I had with you are those times with a lot difficulties coming. Times when we were crushed and broken and in tears and we have each other to comfort.

And now you’re going away, a reality I will always have to accept. All the times spent are worth remembering and in time we can always see other. I believe there more things to come for you and me. :)


Don't reply no more if it's negative, thank you :)

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