The classics.

That’s what me and every other people say when we see old great movies that feel new every time you watch them. Or books that brings you again and again into that world you felt like you’ve never been to before. Classics, they never bore you, they always give you the feeling of newness. I do love classics but there’s something more that makes me feel new—it’s living and keeping a relationship with the creator of the heavens and the earth. If you befriended a King how grateful would you feel? I tell you, everyday with Him is always special. Every day I’m similar to a new born baby. Every day I explore. I see new things. I feel new emotions. I encounter another being. That’s why in being separated and left out in the world I feel secure.

Every day I get fresh ideas and just after then I write about them even the short phrases. Every day there is strength to face the new light of the sun. It is not only going again and again into a beautiful foreign world, it’s more than that. Every circumstances with the Lord of lords become different memories from different places and time.

One day, I was so angry to the world, to myself, to nothing. I let myself suffered from emotions. I buried myself there. It happened a time and again. I let myself suffer to just waste another moment that should be happy and lovely. And I wasted my time crying for my situations when I shouldn’t have. I experienced distress like never before. Heavy burdens that I wished the world be upside-down.

But sometimes, great distress happens for particular cause; every sunrise came and I experience every new rays of light. I understood that things happen so that the goodness of the Lord is shown to me.  I don’t need a classic superb movie to feel new once more. I need the light that comes only from my Lord. Power, strength, and holiness come from Him. I loved Him even more as I get to know Him more. I loved Him deeply as I encounter countless hardships with Him. When He gets mad, it lasts only for a moment. I cry at night and He comforts me, despite His anger and despite my unworthiness. He shows me great paths every day; great paths to take as if guiding me to the truth. As a sinner, he instructed me as well. When I humbled myself, he showed mercy. All His ways are so tender and trustworthy. Whenever I feel that, I could never ask for anything at all. He is everything I need.

I learned that my Lord is not picky. Weak or strong, poor or rich, background doesn’t matter to Him. I learned that there will be times of distress, sometimes God will allow these things. For sometimes words are not enough to prove that you really trust God. Some battles are too small to let God know that you love Him and your heart truly trusts in Him. Sometimes there is a need to renew us each day. That’s why distress comes. There should be joy because we know that the Lord is working again.

There is gladness after trials. The comeback is a flaunted joy. And the truth shall unfold.

Nothing could ever comprehend the mystery of God’s actions and how deep His knowledge is. He is a mystery that I’ve seen so much but I never knew. He is a lovely mystery. Classic. :]


One thought on “*CLASSIC*

  1. YES! YES! The professor couldn’t agree more! There is a depth in those old classics that are definitely missing today dadblameit! The truth shall unfold for all; the professor feels it’s just around the bend. Great blog….

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