CWTS2: Last Blog

I really don’t want to say goodbye to any of you people.” –Christa McAuliffe


The last day of our visit in GK, (sighs) I will miss the kids, it was a great occurrence.


Photo by Rosebelle Hanna Balolong


March 3, 2013, we gathered again in GK site to help Teacher Grace in making collages and cutting out letters. This was our last activity; the only difference is we don’t have any activities with the kids that day. Personally, I will really miss the kids and fellow classmates I have been with throughout my CWTS2.

My last day in GK Sibol, aspired me to step out off my box, off my comfort zone, and take off that timidity. It’s a big personal desire. To run through, the time I spent in Sibol Gawad Kalinga is middling at first but it became rich in memories during the course. Hollow feelings and weariness was battling within me at some points, but surprisingly, sacrifice has found its worth. Somehow, I learned to sacrifice willingly, especially to kids who innocently know nothing about it. Our Pastor constantly shared to us about giving enthusiastically. He illustrated on having one food left but giving it away despite your hunger because all you have is love for your neighbour.

To GK! :)


Photo by Joshua Roazul Lineses


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