CWTS2: My First Blog

I like to share about my experience at UPLB GK site, where we joined the kids in their Christmas Party on December 15, 2012. The place can be remembered with its nature. There were lots of trees, farm animals, and the river is loudly heard.

When we arrived in GK site, and found the room where the kids and Teacher Grace are, so we didn’t waste time and head there straight. Upon entering the room, the kids were all properly dressed and groomed for the event. And they were all like, “Ate!! Ate!!” They were excited in the same way we were. Little girls came running towards us, me and Clarizze were so touched by the way they embrace us. They held such confidence even though they don’t know us. We were strangers but we didn’t felt that way.

And so the day began, when Prof. Aleta along with other OU students, arrived. That was also the day I first met Ate Rosebelle and Kuya Cesar.


Photo by Havannah Liz Taguinod

This are the photos I took, I collage them as one. Me and Clarizze were sitting at the back while the kids were introduced one by one. The kids do not know us yet so we were introduce as well.

We begin the day with games and smiles on our faces. The truth is, some kids are very naughty, and they give headaches, but these kids are young and innocent. If there is one thing I learned that day, that’s patience and persistence in seeing good things in them. Here are some other photos I took…

2012-12-15 15.41.53

Photo by Havannah Liz Taguinod

2012-12-15 15.37.59

Photo by Havannah Liz Taguinod

It’s also good to know that the presence of their parents is there.

With all the confetti’s, gifts, and giggling, I was touch by their presentation even though it’s short and simple. Nothing’s more precious than seeing little faces enjoy a whole day full of memories, and being there with them, knowing that we shared our gladness with them, is something I won’t forget. I felt that they are the ones who shared joy with me.

In the end, I understand that no matter who a person is, we should welcome him/her lovingly, just like what I experienced with the kids.


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