CWTS1: Blog 3 Activity

My track is GK and I see myself helping children to learn. :) I always tell myself and to anyone I talk to regarding teaching, that I like kids who understands fasts and gets the point you explained. But then, the genes one acquired from his/her parents is different from the other, in all cases then kids are different from one another—it’s a challenge I see in taking my track. And then I thought of Day care/ Kindergarten teachers who educate these annoying (and some timid) kids? I salute them and their passion. I’m looking forward to GK kids! Are they like most kids? It seems fun, exciting, and challenging.

Up until now, I look up to my teachers in elementary and high school. Miss Mayo (my English teacher in grade six) taught us again and again the basic things we have to know in English, like, first person, second and third, etc. I would still visit her whenever I have vacation in Quezon Province. She made a great influence in my life and serve as a great model for me. And then I have this Trigo teacher, Ma’am Ogayon, in high school. Back then, everyone says she likes overtime. But as I see it now, she made it just to teach us every tiny bit of details in math. It helped me a lot. My parents never really exerted effort in teaching me lessons and guiding me all the way to high school, I don’t want my descendants to feel the same way I felt. But I love my parents no matter, and besides my linage, would it be much better if I include generations today?

I’d like to be one of those people who educates little kids for in the future their knowledge is something that cannot be replaced. It’s something you’re proud to have. Also, I want to teach them to share and to pass knowledge. Teaching is not only about learning but being a model of loving what you do in order to influence and motivate students.


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