CWTS1: Blog 2 Activity


Back in high school, I was able to exercise good citizenship through home chores that I took in with me and initiatively apply it at school. There are many times that I need to go home early and study but I stayed there after class helping the assigned groups to clean our area. I remember we had a community service for one barangay in our town where the bridge was stuffed with plastics, diapers, and wastes. The water in the area became contaminated. In our class, students with low immune systems or those who can’t attend due to health issues can either get doctor’s permit or carry out the service. I was one of them. First, I thought of the fellowship I’m going to experience there, and then, the consequences, and last, the outcome. I felt my freedom to choose and decide as a person, and I chose to help my fellow classmates throughout the tracks. It was wet and dirty, the sun was burning and air is salty from the oceans. Some had bottles of water, umbrellas, hats/caps, handkerchiefs and towels, and fans (pamaypay/abaniko) while resting in the shade.

I help whenever I can, as long as I can. I guess when you love what you do; you enjoy every bit of help you can contribute. When I moved here in Las Pinas, the act of helping became vast. With God’s grace, presently, my family along with Pastor (and his family too!), started a small church for our clan and relatives here. Our aim is to save souls but, of course, before that we must save and equip ourselves too.

Helping, whole-heartedly, is, I guess, a gene I acquired from my father. No matter what the situation is, he always assists, in every way he can. And starting a church cultivated my ability to work and help to as far as where I can. I hope in my preceding years, I can extend my helping into organizing and leading kids!


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