CWTS1: Blog 1 Activity

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Most of the hindrances I’ve listed to attain my full participation as a citizen are lack of time, resources, skills, and experience. But if, supposedly, these are given to me then I’ll go for republican mode of citizenship. First, why did I not choose liberal or communitarian perspective? Personally, as a student, liberal mode of citizenship requires less demand and just enjoys his/her right and responsibilities, and can partake or not partake politically. Communitarian, on the other hand, requires more demand, old and new activities, and contribution especially in analyzing issues.

Republican mode, however, is not only necessary but adequate as well. Citizens, actively organize community, they know governmental aspects, and they join established organizations. It is not that demanding and not that effortless. With republican mode of citizenship, being a student, I can make more time and manage my own schedule.

With this kind of citizenship, a person is more concern with public affairs, wants to improve society, and he/she actively participates in associations; being a role model for taking initiative in leadership, whether in arranging food drives, he/she gives effort in everything he/she does to improve society.


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