Have tons of paperworks?

thanks to stackphoto


 I can’t read anymore.

No. I’m not blind or anything. I think my eyes had gone too far its reading ability.

I’m not expert to optical stuff, rest’ll work. :)

But I can’t stay looking at my laptop any longer than 6 hours!!! And I have three                           research paper and two essays to finish. But I know I’ve got favor from God. :)

Okay so, I thought of making an organizer list. I read a lot of articles about planning and  not-being-lazy, and I’ve managed my schedules a lot (that sometimes it seems I’m  wasting my time thinking and writing about what I’ll do tomorrow lels)

So, How to organize? Here are my (I personally listed) healthy, easy tips I do (and will do) to organize my work, time, life. This is random and a quick post so, sorry if anything is not properly, accurately listed.

1. Plan ahead

Of course we should plan ahead of time. I think we all get the idea behind that.

2. Sleep early then wake up early

I don’t know but I really hate my self for sleeping so late -___-

When I tried to do this habit, my pimples started going away. I read somewhere late sleeps causes pimples I personally experienced that.

3. Eat apple

Yeah it doesn’t relate directly but, hours of paper works and research may lead to skipping lunch or dinner. So it’s best to grab a bite.

4. Sleep when you can

Oh please do. Because nothings more special to a busy person but bed. (based on experience) Not all will sleep when they have time, but still, well, for me, I would like to sleep when I can.

5. Neat things are best friends

Who would go to a dirty place? Maybe a person who lacks the ability to clean, lacks time to clean or just really don’t like cleaning, sorry guys but, it’ll only get dirtier and messier. Any activity will slowly finish—you can’t find your notes, can’t find your stabilo, can’t find your mirror…  it’s just… you know? How are you even gonna plan with things scattered around. -___-

6. Look beyond today

It’s like plan ahead, but looking beyond is more than planning ahead..

I have this habit of saying my hobbies in my mind in the middle of my research or assignment. Come on everyone let’s encourage ourselves today! I would love to blog after tons of paperworks! I would love to finish that novel after this assignment! I would love to play music after reviewing my notes!~ and so on…

Since I don’t have enough time to make this longer, this is my last number~ and so far the strongest among all.

7. Speak Victory

I’d like to quote something from Joel Osteen’s book, “If you believe to barely get by, you will barely get by.”

Yep. Why not try to exceed further, exert more effort, push harder. Speak victory over what you’re facing.

Sometimes our paperworks are laughing at us saying we cannot go further, we cannot defeat them, we cannot overcome the pressures…but let’s look at them and say, “Huh! I’m stronger than you! I can write what you will be! I can even tear you apart!”

We can have the last [evil] laugh, just stick to what you want to achieve.

So yeah I have to go, better start what I have to start! Paperworks here I comeeeee!!! :D



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