Keep Calm and Don’t Forget!

Yeah! Good morning fellas.

Lessons Learned and Positive Vibrations

Greetings beautiful ones!

I’ve been thinking. This blog is about lessons I’m learning along this road we call life. So I figured that I should share the lessons I learn as I go through them.

I feel like I made a boo boo recently. Allowing yourself to grow and evolve, reformatting your thought process, habits, behaviour etc takes practice. And it’s natural for us to sometimes resort to prior behaviours or coping mechanisms, especially during times of stress.

Let me explain. Saturday was an amazing day! I ran longer than I had done before, felt stronger, did some dancing in my front room (we should dance and move our bodies more!) and I got a photography job! How fantastic! How can it get any better? The photo gig went wonderfully and then I met with friends and we explored the night that was Nuit Blanche*.

On the street I found…

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