A Radical's Nut

Dumb: The cyberspace has become a very dangerous place.
Dumber: Dangerous ideas easily spread there.

Dumb: I think there has to be a virtual Big Brother who shall monitor what’s happening online.
Dumber: Not only monitor but instill discipline. Daang matuwid is not chaotic, you know.

Dumb: We will regulate the internet?
Dumber: Yeah, those so-called netizens think that freedom is absolute. We have to teach them a thing or two about responsible democracy.

Dumb: So, what are you thinking?
Dumber: Let’s invent a new crime.

Dumb: Like what?
Dumber: Um, internet libel.

Dumb: Internet libel? But there’s already the regular crime of libel.
Dumber: Idiot. It’s a new crime. Regular libel applies only to printed materials. Those cybercriminals are using a new medium – online publications, blogs, Facebook accounts, Twitter. So we charge them with internet libel.

Dumb: Ok. But how about those writers who publish libelous content in…

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