Da Coconut Repablik

Folks, looks like this will be my last article concerning the failed society of the Philippines, before I will stop writing articles regarding this for 1 month, let’s check out the recent Internet news.

Thanks to Filipina cosplayer Ashley Gosiengfiao, a print screen was passed among several people across the Philippine Internet and blogosphere. The screenshot contains the threat of the admin of the PNP Facebook Page against an individual. Before you will read this message, make sure that you will not mistake them for the Gestapo or Stasi.

Yes you are not dreaming. This is now the response of the PNP against those who ‘insult’ their ‘integrity’ and ‘honour’. Maybe the individual who posted that comment is now hiding or changed to Tor network for those idiots not to detect them, this is a proof of their douchebaggery. By the way those who post, like and share some…

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