Late at night doing assignments~

Just a fast recall…

So last last night I was making my FMA1 in History II…and was really tired making research and reading a lot articles/sites..

I read that Mesopotamians (specifically Sumerians) made the first early system of writing… (amazing huh)

Mesopotamia is located somewhere there~~ just.. yeah hehehhe.

I spelled my name using their style called cuneiform xD

and then I drew….

and…played with my lamp and stabilos… xD MY LIGHT-SAVERS! xD

Aside from those.. I have my notes of course =3

And I really worked hard for my fma1 @___@

Just want to tell myself, “Well done Havannahfrost!” :>

I know God never fails, just this afternoon I submitted my FMA1 Hurray! =]


Don't reply no more if it's negative, thank you :)

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