Hehe. posting here my insight and realization in Philo 1 group paper~

I didn’t think twice about my decision upon the first day I read the given topic. For me, it will always be morally just telling my family member he has cancer because as the saying goes, ‘it’s better to tell the truth and make someone cry, than to tell a lie and make someone smile’, a simple quote that holds reality in it. But it doesn’t just end there. When you don’t tell someone the truth and feed them with lies, still the patient—even though smiling, isn’t looking at the best view in his window of life. When you tell someone the truth about his illness, certainly he will cry, but having problems, knowing them, and facing them, is only either a challenge or a chance. A challenge to test how strong we are, how big our faith is, how far we could go, or a chance to restore moments, to restore faith, to correct mistakes, etc.
I have no close family whom I encountered with diseases like cancer but upon reading stories of cancer patients (survivors and not), I felt a pinch in my heart connoting me sadness. Most people, if not all, are satisfied with their pleasures, but these cancer patients’ treasures not material things nor money. I realized that, having this kind of disease is a big gift from God. God led those people and their family to the righteous life. Amazing are those families that stayed strong. They learned to stand firm and be happy during hard moments. The problems they face built innermost peace. I admit that I haven’t found my innermost peace, but like cancer patients, I believe it will come to all of us. God has his ways.


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