Monday Heartbreak

“But every time I feel this pain, when I kept on dying and dying inside, I want to turn and leave, leave this feeling, ’cause I feel peace whenever I do that”

Yeah. When someone said you wouldn’t be sad anymore. When you pour out solid trust. When you open your windows of love. When you spread your little wings to soar in the highest place on earth with that person. And when you offer everything you can offer~ it will be your biggest downfall when all of that goes to nothing. All your windows blown by pain. Your wings suddenly to plummet. A part of you is gone. And, all you could do is leave.. All I could is leave. Leave the emptiness. Leave that part that hurts the most, and turn, hug my Savior.

People will never do what God can do to you. Everyone can figure that out. Of course people are not perfect beings. But trusting God, and opening your door for Him, and giving Him everything that is important to you, everything that keeps you alive, hundred percent, you will experience peace. I experience peace, and I know God is working on me, now that I am broken. I left my emotion and turn to my Lord. I wanted to cry to Him, but I did not. I believe He knows what I’m feeling the moment I called His name.



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