Summer Activities!

To tell you honestly, I really do not have enough time socializing, well in the internet, yes, but in real life, I am trying hard to have a flourish conversation with people. It works sometimes, but most of the time, I like spending time alone, or with my family. I go out, rarely, buy this and that, go here, and there.

This summer, I spent my time with some stuff I like to share with you. Here are my summer activities in one month or so, haha. I compiled what I have done this month of April, and you might want to know ^^ I got movies, a little art craft, a little cooking, some events, and some new stuff in my room! I know some of it is boring, but that is my life. Simple.

So, first, I made a can-art, I got the idea from Creativeman at I was bored and thought of making recycles and found this an easy and cheap way to have fun recycling.

It is a to-be-thrown-can; I washed it, and looked at it for minutes.

The pink squares are Styrofoam; actually it is a Styrofoam cooler. It is not usable anymore so I cut out a part of it, and cut it again in small squares. Paste some letters S U M M E R T I M E, because it is summer. There you go. ^^


I subsequently made paper beads after that. Papers and magazines were all around so, I, again, searched for a creative thing to do with papers, and here they are:

These are paper beads, they are first cut out in long triangles and rolled and glued afterwards. They can be used to make bracelets, curtains, or much of everything else actually. I have not done anything out of those paper beads lol, because I got bored rolling papers. Hopefully I get to finish something out of that. ;p


I spent time also with my cousins at BF Resort Village.

We actually went swimming in a public resort, and were surprised to know that the pool is so free in space; no one is actually swimming the day we went there. LOL

So, it’s like we rented the whole place hahaha.


At home with my sister, we manage to finish Chuck Season 5 in days, it is sad though.

I did not want it to end. Fans love them! But I read somewhere that they are going to make it into cartoons. ^^


I went on vacation in Quezon Province, only a few days and went back home. Me and my friends were invited at a friends’ house, Videoke there.

I missed hanging out with them, but in front of me are a bunch of lessons to learn in the future. I wanted to spend more time and stay a little longer, but, yeah, I do not belong there anymore, I mean, I have a life waiting for me in Las Pinas. Hometown is still my home town, and I continuously say “home sweet home” whenever I go there, because I have great friends there. ;)


I finally assessed my Tuition Fee, and am currently enrolled.

This coming May-June-July, I will be having my first trimester, Second Year in College now ^^. I am looking forward in having good grades and graduating!!! I am planning on continuing my degree to Arts in Multimedia OR Education (that is not in the plan yesterday).


I downloaded a few movies to watch if ever I get bored again:

…because my cousin and I were watching this at his house, but then I have to go shower, so we pause watching. When I was done, we did not continue to watch Johnny English Reborn anymore. I was so hanged at the moment. (bitin!) So, I downloaded it myself. ^o^

I surveyed movies on facebook at my friends’ wall, amazed by the comments of friends I am not expecting to answer J

Here are three more movies I downloaded:


Wondering around my bedroom, I notice my plant. I painted the plastic vase so it won’t look so recycled.

It was just a fast paint just to push color into it.


I, then, after painting, made this one:

It is just a quote I got from my old notebook that I would like to place in my walls. It is something to remind me of two different types of people, that, I guess I should avoid the other one.


I got a new bracelet!! from our Aunt.

The silver’s mine, and the red one is my sisters’. Our Aunt went to Bangkok for five days, and got us these bracelets for souvenir.


We also cooked ‘maruya’ or banana fritters in English. We cooked twice actually, because the first time was not the exact banana fritters we were expecting it would be. So we cooked again, and the second time, my mother helped us so we got it right! I did not have a picture of it though.


I accompanied Fionnah to her Free Trial Class, (three days).

I was observing her for three days. She is starting this June, as Kinder in Mayflower Academy ‘We bloom young minds’, yeah that is there tagline.


We sell onions by the way. ^o^

It’s from my mothers’ friend. So whenever someone buys, we have money for merienda! ^^


Mom bought me and my brother a new lamp for our own rooms!

We have the same lamp, I barely use it now because I sleep downstairs (where it is colder) ;)


Momoko (one of our Kimi Dolls) had a pictorial in the ashes…

I did not purposely burned papers; I burned them because I do not want to see past love letters no more. :]

Hahahhah. ^O^


I am also reading a book by Joel Osteen, I mentioned this book in my earlier blogs.

Read more about inside of the book here.


I watched some movies with my sister and cousins.

First movie:


My sister discovered this movie, and after watching it, I am totally a fan of Amanda Seyfried (see my cover photo in facebook lol). The movie gives the satisfaction you need in a suspense type of movie. The feeling of revenge will perfectly hit you and be contented with the ending of the story.

Second movie:

One for the Money

We were supposed to watch this together but I accidentally watched at a friends’ house. ^o^

My friends did not really get the concept of the story because, well, I think they are much in love with Tagalog movies. I like tagalog movies, but not as much as foreign movies. The honest truth is, English movies really have the effect much people expect, but no wonder tagalog teleseryes are improving. ;)

Third Movie:

One Day

“I’ve got to read the book first!!!”

That’s what my sister said when the movie released in cinemas. She insisted in reading the book first before watching the movie—but we already downloaded the movie and were really tempted to watch it. >o<

We do not have the money to buy the book, so we watched it anyway, and, yes it was much better if we had read the book. I plan to earn money so that we could buy the book, even after watching it already -__-

Fourth Movie:

Despicable Me

This movie had been in our movie folder for, I don’t know, for months maybe, and I have not watched it. So I decided to watch with Fionnah while waiting for the time to strike 1700 because we were going to hit the supermarket.

I so enjoyed this movie, there is this guy who likes to do evil stuff, and his heart melted after spending time with three young girls. He ended up doing the right thing. :”>

Fifth Movie:

The best of all the movies I have watched this month!

The Avengers

No need to explain. We Loved It. It’s epiiiic, \m/

Sixth Movie:

Whatever Lola Wants

This movie is about a ballet dancer, well not actually, but she can dance. She went to Cairo, Egypt to find his boyfriend; she ended belly dancing in the Nile Tower, but never got her boyfriend back to her arms. When watching the last scenes, I realized that I should/want to learn Belly Dancing, because, is there a man who dances belly dancing? It’s a dance for women! And I, as a lady, would like to learn. I think, every woman should know how to belly dance. ^^


Enough with the movies, every Friday/Sunday, we gather in Tita Raquel’s Junkshop to Bible Study.


It is a great start, if you want to start a church. We, the members, suddenly feel open during meetings and gatherings. We got assignments to read in the Bible. Elders and teenagers share their problems in the process, we say thanks to what have happened in our life the past days, weeks or so. Pastor and Uncle are hoping to rent a place to have a sanctuary for our Bible Study, and I am so looking forward to that. I believe our church will be as successful as the church of our Uncle in Hong Kong! :)


Mother bought a new dining table from Japan Surplus!

…and a study table for me :3

It was a request for months. Hehehe. I personally requested it because I am the only who studies at home (home schooled) and I need my own table to have a place to study.


Here are new members of the club:

I got Georgie a nice place to stand at:

This way he will always be with me! :3


For the last part, we cooked cheese pimiento last night, and yummy!

I grated the cheese, our house helper chopped the bell pepper, butter is added in the casserole~~ my sister did the rest of the work.


There they are! My summer activities! Yeah, to some it is boring…

I like to stay in the house doing my own thing. Thanks for reading my blog. Read some more if you want. ^^


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