Getting up late…with a new outlook :)


I am temporarily waking up late this summer because I miss waking up late! And because Mr. School Works are coming early this May, I want to spend my last days of summer sleeping!!! ^^

My vacation in Quezon Province was not that promising but I had fun singing old songs in videoke with my friends and a future-talk with my father.

Now, I am currently reading a book “It’s Your Time” by Joel Osteen,

a very great book for everyone, specifically to those people who looses faith when business is slow or have not receive any promotion in their jobs, or have not found a job ever since the last company closed. This is for people who always steps back in achieving their dreams and aspirations, for people who does not pursue a course or does not even expect s/he is ever going to graduate.  For people who always had bad days, negative attitudes, expecting negative outcomes, this book brings hope, a new season to change every wrong impressions and perspectives. This is for people who need lots of miracle from God. YES, THAT’S YOU! I know you want a miracle in life. You might wonder how a book would make a difference in your bored, rude, maybe sick life you have today, well not a book actually, it’s through yourself, you have that in you, and you just have to believe.

We are born in this world not to be in pain, not to suffer every breakdown in life, we are here to believe that everything is going to be alright. We have that ability. Me, I am born with heart defect, but now, I believe that “no, I’m not sick, I’m healthy and breathing, I’m alive each day.” There is no curse; there is only YOU and your mind thinking. You got that in you. We only need to push through and get through all the criticism and disapproval of other people.

I’m halfway reading the book, and I would really want to suggest that book to friends and families and strangers who barely have faith with them, who hardly believe in their strength, their abilities, what God can give to them. Believe, that is all you need to do.

I quoted some great lines Joel Osteen got in his book; it carved something in my heart, something to look forward to, and something to change my attitude. Being positive was easy, overcoming fears is much easier. Just believe it is real, and what you want is going to happen. Overcome disappointments, insecurities, all negative emotions you have in you, and start reading:

  • “You have not because you ask not.”
  • “Sometimes what looks like a disappointment is simply God getting us in position for a rescue.”
  • “The enemy always fights you hardest when he knows God has something great in store.”
  • “Keep a happy heart.”
  • “It’s your time to believe.”
  • “If you believe to barely get by, you will barely get by.”
  • “That illness is not permanent. It’s only temporary.”
  • “Don’t allow negative images to play in your mind.”
  • “I may have been through a lot, but I’ve come too far to stop now…I know God has great things in store.”
  • “There’s something about a person filled with hope.”
  • “But God never aborts a dream…All it takes is for you to believe once again.”

I’m only halfway to finishing the book, but I’m telling there is no exception here. There is no exception that ‘what if my dream won’t come true’, ‘but I have a poor family’, ‘I just don’t deserve it’, ‘I can’t do it’. Those phrases won’t work with Joel Osteen. It is such a great book it is starting to change my life! and I’m believing it. :)

So, let me say, if you have been frowning, don’t frown, smile! If you hate someone because of something s/he did, don’t hate, love! If you feel like cursing someone, don’t curse, forgive! And if you feel like quitting a group, a lesson, diet, relationship, don’t quit, persevere! Let us keep the positive vibes moving and let it flow to people you are with. ;)


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