Bad endings are sometimes good.

I just finished the last episode of the latest and last season of Chuck, Chuck S05, it gave more and more excitements to the viewers, even the songs used became alive because of some scenes. I ask to myself, why Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi) and Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski) ended that way. Why? They were perfect couples, they have perfect futures, they are forever.

Though I had a great time watching, pointing to the situation in E13, their relationships just reset. It was such a bad ending. Going to reality, bad endings are just a portion of our lives. I was expecting more between them. Something magical. I could not blame the writer though, the ending is not the perfect ending, but Chuck S05 seems to leave a message that they too, do not want to end the story, and a bad ending might be good for everyone who wants a continuation.

Life had their bad endings. But endings, are just as good as beginnings. My life is not perfect but, bad things make it perfect.

I guess I should not be disappointed about our aborted summer outing with my high school friends. I sure am dumb to feel this way. I do not hold the situations of my friends, but I was frustrated. I was so eager to see them, I have been preparing my self, preparing what I am going to tell them, preparing my throat for the giggles and laughter we are about to miss next year. When I entered college, I began missing time them, and the least I know it the least I remember. But then I do not want to be invisible in their eyes, I do not want them to give the wrong impression. I was ignorant because of school works, and I am disappointed about our aborted summer outing. :| yeah.

I know, I know, I should not be disappointed, and frustrated. I am still going home by the way. To see them of course! :)

Even if the awaited event is not going to happen, that is sad, yet, I am going home for them, not for the event, no. :3

Led me to the good realization right?


2 thoughts on “Bad endings are sometimes good.

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