Happy Birthday :)

 Never get tired of doing little things for others; sometimes those little things occupy the biggest parts of their hearts.


Today is my twin’s birthday. She is someone that makes me realize that the big things in life enter with simple equations that are easy to solve. She comes best in those things, but cannot apply it to herself. I assumed she is the total opposite of what she makes out of people.

Our very first conversation is about TEETH. How it got there, I do not know. Haha! It just got there. And then we start talking about weird stuff we do. I remember how we message each other, and just ask about recent stuffs in life. Say, I got a problem, she got hers, but the irony here is I do well when she say, “hey, cheer up, talk to me”, and I would. Funny how I always have to eat when we were just starting to update about each other and then ending our conversation with the ‘okay talk to ya’ later’ phrase.

We would talk about my love life. She would advice me on the blurry situations I have and then, perfect! I have an answer. She is happy how my feelings turn out well at the end. It is because of her. I trust her.

This blog is for you. Happy Birthday Twin. :)

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”

My heart blush when you said these words.

When someone is far and what you have are saved conversations, messages, and thoughts, you feel sad. When someone is gone, you feel depress, alone, you feel regret. When someone left you, you feel anger, you even want to die. It has been like that. But… you do not want me to think like that. When you said the above phrases, I am obliged to look on the other side that when people are far away, you feel dozens of unexplained emotions because you love that person, because you feel love, because among all the emotions, when that person is far you would understand the circumstances and pick up your heart and say, ‘it is because I am in love’.

You make things easy. I figured, maybe this is why you found the firmness on loving someone even if that person is out of sight. And maybe this is why you feel wonder whenever you talk to people, who are on the different part of the earth. I would always remember you; it is rare to have a friend like you. I could count people like you with in my life, people like you are exotic in my life. :>


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