What if…

What if you start to make decisions on your own? Will you be alright?

What if you decided to go on your own way? Where there are no turning back.

What if you start missing people?

What if they never returned your calls?

What if you’re forgotten?

What if?

What if you ran out of friends? Will you face the mirror with a smile?

What if you didn’t achieve in life? All your dreams flushed away.

What if life never loved you at all?

What if you deny all of this?

What if you found out you’re dying in the next seven years?

Would that make a difference?

What if everyone cries about it?

What if you came to accept the truth?

What if your happy just the way things are?

What if you went?

What if.. imagine.

Imagine the lost smiles.

What if no one cares?

What would you do?

Know what you’ll do…


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