3 Angels

I feel like living in heaven with three angels everyday :)

I’m ‘sort of’, like on a vacation today along with my research paper in Humanities II. I started to see the outside world cruel too, and feel like protecting my self every now and then when I go outside.

If you’re a Christian/Catholic you would understand. You see, I have three cousins, all young ladies. At a very early age, they live with faith, they learned to trust God, to understand circumstances even if it hurts, to believe in things many people don’t believe in to, and thank for every single day.

I realize, living with these children is a message from God that I should learn how to be thankful, because I have everyone in my life, because I live, I breathe and see the sun rise in the morning..

No worries, no pain, no insecurities, only bliss :)

So, I’m sharing this song entitled “God of this City by Chris Tomlin“, and I hope you will listen :) ♥


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