The Sea.

I’ve always been a nature-lover, and one of the natures I love to watch is the sea. :)

I grew in a province where the sea is near, and I’ll never forget that feeling, that breeze at night, the wild air showering my hair under the sun, I know these feelings became a memory when I moved here in Las Pinas City, but somehow, I learned to love those feelings because of the sea. At times, I just watch the water touch my feet, then walking and walking in the seashore, writing names on the sand, collecting shells, or sit in the shade aloof from the heat and witness the fishermen catch fish. I remember going back there once, in my province

the excitement I felt, it was incomparable. I don’t know.. I feel no pain. It’s one of my healing places. Maybe because of the calm, easy way of the water sharing moments with me, or maybe the way the wind touch my skin or hair, you can’t see its hands, but its there, always been. The beauty at night is different…

you see.. this is what  I love to look at. :)

The silence I see. The calmness. Natures beauty.

I had a habit of going there with my friends when I was in high school, and we would talk about everything, we would realize life is a struggle but we should strong, and we would laugh, we would look up and see the stars… time with them is precious.

Hard to forget where I truly came from, I missed the old days, I missed to pass by that sea I used to observe whenever I go to school. So I went to a place where I could, in some ways, feel that I’m there…

If you’ll notice, this is the view when you’re in Manila Baywalk :)

I got there once, with my two college friends, I felt the sudden need of comfort, the view gave me that comfort. Despite the salty taste of the wind, I enjoyed the place. I notice, whenever I’m in a setting like these, I’ll always feel like talking about the struggles of life and how it has made a change, a reason to live happily, to smile.


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