Shining Memories: A Project for Myself!

Hello there! It’s Sunday, of course I’m attending mass later, and it’s my Rest Day!

I wish to work on my weebly site today but too bad, my brother’s borrowing the net book, and I need a time to relax a bit.

I got a project for myself by the way ;) I don’t know, but it just came into my mind. I’m going to take pictures of things that has been in life for many years, things that just came into my life, things that represents my pasts, things that gives memories whenever I see them, things that gave me a hard time, confidential things, personal things, or even things I laugh about [I’m not always boring, you know].

Here is a list of random thoughts that just came into my mind today:

  • Movies I cried a lot to
  • My diaries (been writing down my thoughts since grade school)
  • Dreams when I was young
  • What’s inside of my diary?
  • Animes I’ve watched
  • Boys
  • Crazy things I do with my friends
  • GREATEST PERSONS in my life
  • Past times..
  • Dramas I’d love to watch again
  • My healing habits and places
  • Silly poems I’ve written
  • Silly items I keep =]
  • Musics (with a lot of meaning in my existence)
  • Quotes I hide

The pictures then, will be uploaded here on my blog, I’m gonna name the page “sweethearts in my life“, wait for those photos and prepare to know a lot about me! =]

So, I’m going to take off now and see if I could find some stuff and start taking pictures :)


Don't reply no more if it's negative, thank you :)

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