What’s up with my Weebly?


Always remember to click ‘Publish’ :)

Yes. I often forget. So I’m blogging it today after making my fan site a better fan site now–to never forget the publish button. I inserted a lot of elements on my weebly site, and filled it with pictures; it was fun and easy (as I’ve said before).

There’s another great thing I discovered in www.weebly.com, when you can’t update it to pro and wants to add music, you can choose Custom HTML, and I got a link here that provides embedded codes www.mp3skull.com, and you can copy and paste it to the custom HTML in weebly.

About pages: you can add a page and make it a sub-page by simply dragging it to another page you want to be its parent and sliding it to the right. This can be done to the pages section.

I just added a few pages/sub-pages, photos and embedded codes to my site the other day. I love the image editor, simply editing the photo inside your page. ^^

Here’s what my site looks like (just a glimpse) :]




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