A 2-Day Leave and exploring Mistah Weebly! :]

haha! It’s kinda funny cause I used to stay [well eventually really stay] inside our home two years now, and TODAY its fun staying in somebody else’s house :D

I got a 2-day off stay in Moonwalk Village, LPC —-and its just a sudden decision, my Aunt kidnapped me from my mom! (its joke btw) x] I’m currently here in Cavite.

So, upon staying here, I started exploring weebly and manage to gain ideas from it. Of course with the help of this video tutorial I compulsory enjoyed creating and editing my own weebly site.

I had a hard time thinking on what to blog, what page to create… and good heavens, a blessing in disguise, Mr Figueroa (our teacher) posted something about Fan Sites :]

Well, I’m just a regular full-time student, that stays at home for having a heart problem (patent ductus arteriosus), and nothing much to tell the world, so I decided on making a fansite about someone that I’ve been a fan of a long time.

I was in high school, typical girl who likes to listen cute songs and enjoys it with a couple of girls. I was that kind of girl. lol~ And I KNOW it is in fact sooooooo corny to say that I’m a big fan of Taylor Swift >.< (I realized that idea when I entered my college) My brother disgusts me from being a fan of Taylor.. and I disgust him from being a fan of some rock bands who sing screamos as well. Little irritations come when your musics don’t collide at all! But that didn’t stopped me from loving Taylor Swift, I became more interested in her, about her life, how she was just dreaming to sing in a stage with people shouting her name, and how one day everything she ever wanted is finally there. I admire her for getting high scores in her exams, and writing songs at the same time. She became my inspiration to pursue something I wanted to attain someday. So… I was thinking of making a fansite about her, and her achievements. To some, Taylor Swift is a too-much-love-and-heart person, and many don’t get the appreciation behind her musics but to us (Taylor fans!!!) she is a dreamer with lots of talents inside her, beautiful inside and out, that is why we love her. :)

Selecting a topic wasn’t hard at all! It came from the heart.

  Making the fansite wasn’t capable if not thanks to weebly ! I haven’t completed the five links required in our assignment but I have three there, though the pages are not fully occupied with details yet.. I’m still in the process of customizing the background, main images, etc. Signing up was a pie, the familiarization took me a little time, I’m a newbie there. I really had fun inserting elements in the page! It was painless! I demand you try it yourself. Why? First of all, you have many elements to choose from, and a couple of combinations; second, it was simple and very easy to drag; third, once it’s there, you can click and edit afterwards and edit it again any time you want; and fourth, the page comes with special html/css editing (called it special just ’cause hehe), and an automatic preview below! Very functionable!

I will not be showing my site, still on renovation. After three to four days or so, maybe I can fully present the link here ;)

For now, I’ll share my insights and experiences in weebly to give you some ideas on how to work with weebly!

I’m gonna continue studying, thanks for your time reading, I really appreciate it. Advance Happy Valentines everyone!


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