Dash :(


This was our puppy Dash, funny, affectionate, sweet and very playful. He always seeks attention. We named him Dash because our Aunt gave him the month of December and we used to sing ~~Dashing through the snow..~~ we get the ‘dash’ from that song x)

yeah funny x)

We fed him, bathe him, let him sleep inside our house, made him a part of the family!~ but my little sister, Fionnah, a spoiled 4 years-old little sister of mine, treated Dash like a STUFF TOY… So.. Dash is sooooo annoyed that he bite Fionnahs finger. :||

Then it happened. She was injected with anti-rabbis. And YEAH it was a lot of expense.. Dash, went home again.. but I missed him so much :(

I guess a puppy (nor a kitten) is not good when you have a sister as careless and pesky as Fionnah!


Don't reply no more if it's negative, thank you :)

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