Biggest mistake in the world :|

Hello everyone?

How have you been doing lately? It’s been so long since I blog.. Many things happened, I celebrated my 18th birthday, celebrated my brothers birthday, spent Christmas with my Taguinod relatives at Lucena :) then I spent my New Year with my older sister and the younger brother. The New Year in our house was silent though ’cause I was afraid our puppy will panic x]

I was hospitalized also, 4 days, had an Amoebiasis. And never again will I be sick, never do I want! It was hard, I kind of earned a lot of assignments and readings, so badly busy now..

Then Fionnahs birthday came, celebrated it last night :D it was fun, along with Malupa family. I missed my cousins.

Other than the events in my life~ I have a little something going on inside our house. I want to start off by saying —-

A huge mistake of a person is how s/he RAISES his/her own child.

Yeah. There it is. I really hate it when parents don’t know what to do and how to know the right decision, how to act responses in order to raise their daughter/son the RIGHT WAY. Isn’t it obvious that a three years old girl crying, should be pleased the right way and not be shouted, scared, or even be cursed with words! How cruel is that?

I speak this way, not generally, but to certain daily actions I see here in our house. My mom is a very kind person, (even though strict). She knows when to get mad in situations and when to be patient. So, yeah, she helps other people and even let them stay in our home. Never mind the fact that me and my sister’s kind of want to disagree; however also, the fact that it’s our moms’ decision is something we must respect. So there you go, we live in a house with an old lady and her lesbian daughter whose attitudes I don’t like.

The old lady sometimes brings her other family members, and there, I hear them talk and say foul words and show their attitudes, which should be said and done in applicable situations and places, or even privately! The lesbian brat, comes home at noon from her school, and leaves her dishes in the sink. I’m disappointed on how she plays her role in the house, on how she answer her mother, and how terribly she denies on things she really did. She, sometimes, baby sit her niece and uses large amount of shampoo when bathing her, which take note, isn’t hers nor her mother’s, it’s my sisters’! Then at night, the fan goes to the lesbian brat, not thinking about other people’s sake, kind of selfish.

Her mom, the old lady, never should’ve shown such attitudes, and IF she does want her children to be good to her, she  extremely should show the right attitude: show love, show care, talk in a soft voice when explaining, speak with truth and honesty, show concern, tell Gods words, never shout bad words, make conversation smoothly, never talk behind someone’s back, teach that getting something not yours without consent is like stealing— these are situations and attitudes that should be taught ever since young.

That led me to the point that parents should have the responsibility on that.

I couldn’t make a move, nor speak, about certain everyday actions I see and hear ’cause, well, I think I’m not in the place to say and teach them what should be changed. They’re grown ups, they are old enough to realize that.

And I… should focus on my studies, but at times I can’t :||

We live in one roof, how can I not be affected? Up to now, I don’t know what to do. ‘Cause we have a kasambahay, someone that will take care to our youngest sister and every house helper we get, we treat them as a family also. But the thing is, the old lady and the lesbian brat don’t get it at all. Why do they have to make our house helper feel like she’s the lowest kind of person in the house? That’s not right at all! Equality does count. That is why our kasambahay always leave; they say, ‘the problems not in my mom, not in my sister, not in me, not in my brother, not in my youngest sister, but to the people who only get a share of the place in the house and do not even pay for it. The old lady doesn’t even have a job.

Sick to live in a place with people like them, but I don’t want to raise my temper, or fill my self with insecurities, so I let them be. Nothing will happen anyway. Some things are not easy to say to people.

I’ll be off then! Need to do school work ;)


2 thoughts on “Biggest mistake in the world :|

  1. I can truly relate. :) just go somewhere else. ganun ako, lagi kami tambay nung kambal ko everytime na need tlga namin ng place para ‘huminga.’ hirap nu, kailangan ikaw pa mag adjust sa kanila. And you just want your space. Pero parasite talaga dami sa mundo. kaya mo yan. :)) go vana!

    • thank you mary!!! hayy sinabi mo pa.. ang hirap kasi araw-araw ko nakikita -___- di man lang marunong rumespeto.. pero, keri nalang! di naman tayo dapat magpaapekto sa mga ganyan =]

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