Stacks of Work added to Tiring Days

I was not thinking lately about my self and how I look or if I’m gaining weight, *crap what’s happening?*, however, in the process, I found a way to make my mind at ease and thought of what I should be really doing in my life.

Yes, I was busy with the organization I recently joined in to, makes me think now—“why did I join anyway?”, when I have loads of assignments to start with, along with the readings that just won’t end. ughh.. The organization was keeping me busy, and keeping me on the road. I have no idea my mind was altered these days. I started thinking outside the box and by the way taking someone as part of my life. :)

Mentioning someone, well, things are getting to the path I expected it to be going. I don’t really know how everything started. Someone is currently on the way to my soul-seeking-heart and to be honest, I don’t know what to do. We are talking all the time, letting time pass..  and I like it that way. ^^

Anyway, I was glad. I had the ease of mind I was looking for the past 6months or so. I was so busy—my mind was not thinking about the worries, troubles, etc going on around me.  I was busy making things work.

So mi sharing this—

“I’m too blessed to be stressed!”


My sister, KC, she told me that whenever she’s stressed, she does not see it as a burden, instead she looked at it as a blessing from God. I believed that so. I didn’t saw it coming but there it is. There is much more to life than the luxury, and I feel so blessed even if I don’t count the grace I’ve been receiving (everyone should be!).

Oh, and also, I have a goal this year (can be extended next year), I NEED to overcome my stage fright. >< It’s one thing I need to face, really.

So, yah, throwing a full day rest would credit enough but not enough benefit compare to the things I should be doing.

Sayonara for now! I have to sleep. The lights here are blinking O_O



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