Fighthing my laziness and the other thing…

My last update was November 24,Thursday.

A lot things happened,  Friday- I was working hard for the report in Comm2, Saturday- I went out with some friends, enjoyed their company, met new ones also, and I feel so sick commuting home. When will I learn, anyway? Around 1am in the morning, my sister Fionnah was crying, I rush off to their room and found her vomiting.

Yeah, I didn’t know what to do!!! I wanna freak out!!  but I can’t. My sister’s in pain and I don’t know what to do.

We did what we can do, my elder sister and I found some ways, never mind the details. I don’t want to remember my bed sheet with crap.

Sunday- I slept like 10hours and when I woke up, I was thinking about my sister and my report. ><

Monday- I went to Quezon City again. (when will i learn? hahaha!). Nothing much to tell actually..

All the plain days,  I was fighting my laziness, I so much wanted to start my report but couldn’t decide on what topic [and where to start]. And I’m beginning to feel alone in the moment. It’s the moment when you think you’re so better off alone, but keeping that to yourself because it’s nothing to be bothersome, really. So, yeah, I’m lazy enough that past few days to find a stack of unfinished work for school. (I’m soooo messed up, Im gonna freak ouuuut!)

Aaanyway, Apart from my laziness, I really have this strange feeling toward someone. When the someone talks to me, something enters my mind that– I could try to live my life with someone and forget the forever alone thing.

forever alone

Someone understands me, sometimes not.

Someone doesn’t go beyond the limit but always care.

The sweetest phrases, I hear from someone.

Someone knows when to stop, and I appreciate the little things someone  does for me.

Guess I need more time to figure out what’s really bothering my mind, why I cannot focus. ><

It’s just someone doesn’t know what I know. I care for someone too, just can’t say it. :(

I’m going to start reading my books now, and try to focus more on my assignments, it’ll pass soon. What happens next to me and someone, I’ll know that when the assignments are done. ;D



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