FAMILY. I could live my life forever with them.

Okay.. so another of my day. I was NOT in the mood of talking lately. I only interact with my assignments, my books, my pen, and the bed.

It was the day when the sun was high, the weather’s windy, my mind–a mess, when my sister is not yet home from her highschool-friends-in-Laguna. I was so busy making my Report that I didn’t notice her coming in. She arrived the night fell in and everyone’s done with dinner.

ughhh.. the head aches..

I ‘m thinking I could never finish my report, it seems unending!!

So, yes my Mon was, I think, soooo mad because of the glass and the late arrival of my sister. She was telling us we should have told her OUR plans.. when I thought it was my sisters’ plan of choosing the expensive glasses. Any price for me would be fine. But mom’s scolding us. And I hated the scenery when my sister started crying, her head down, and I was.. there JUST THERE. I wanna save her.

She begun saying sorry, that she didn’t meant everything to happen ’cause it was not supposed to happen, that she strive hard naman in her studies.. It was the first time I saw her crying. And I know, this time, it made a difference. I wanted to hug her. Tell her everything’s okay. Tell her I love her because we never say that to each other. Our relationship was like instruments wherein we enjoy each others company, help each other as the bow helps the violin,  but never did we tell how important one is to each other. It was heart-rending seeing her that way.

Mom told us why she is so protective. She said, we should understand why we need to go home early, why we should not be far from home and etc. She was working hard for money for us. She has been through many things just to give us what we want. She endure the pain at work and think of us whenever the pain is suffering her enough. She care for us more than we care for her.

oh yeah the awkward moment was there. I thought I have to make something up so the silent moment will stop.

Oh well, I don’t remember how we end but the night was sincere. I didn’t say anything to her, I just slipped in our room and stayed there with her. I thought someday we will grow up and all of this will be memories from the past. I love my Mama, love my sis, love my bro, love baby Fionnah and of course love my Papa.

Nothing changed. ‘Cept the fact that I will, forever, treasure my love for my family whether they know or whether it be a secret inside me.

*Forever treasuring*

I’ll be off then. Gonna’ take a shower. I smell dinner sweet ;D

Take care everyone.

And, oh! Say I love you to your Parents! You don’t know how much they love you. ♥ -bye


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