Realization today: The Guilty Pleasure

Today, I didn’t plan my day so well, but going to UPD is a must! (1) I have to get my Hum 2 book and (2) have to meet with my best friend, Kit Agad.

So this morning, I was riding the jeepney going Taft Avenue, (me location: beside the jeepney driver with an old lady in the middle) and the horns, passengers, tambay people or could be the vendors along side the road, were so noisy my head aches. ><
Anyway, I was texting facing the mirror or rather the outside when manong driver told me “ne, ‘wag ka mag-text dyan, maraming mandurukot dito, kunyari sasabihin nila, LRT/MRT, tapos mamaya nakuha na ‘yan,” I know notorious things like that happen, (tigas lang ulo ko), but I have never experience being snatched by. Evenso I slipped the phone inside my bag and “kind of” listen to what manong driver was saying.. (I was nodding lol)

“…mga tao ngayon nagdadala ng mga mamahaling gamit, mga kung anu-ano, pero ‘di naman ‘yon nakakaganda, mas mabuti na ang dala ay magandang kalooban.” he ended.

Just the thought of it makes sense. Isn’t it? I know some people, many people of today’s generation actually live their life with pleasures. Yes, you know what I’m talking about— Laptops, iPhones, iPad, many more. It is their way of fun, contentment (which by the way never ends), entertainment, update, pride, moving on, coping from depression, etc. They are centered with these things, that they have forgotten what’s around them. And having these.. truly doesn’t make you beautiful, doesn’t make you famous, doesn’t make you god.

But I don’t end here. There are people who use these things to manage their planner, set an appointment, do research, be updated on the news, or to contact your boss.

I guess it is time I have to use mine the right way. I know I’m guilty.

Me and my sister used to say ‘guilty pleasure’ whenever we’re having something that doesn’t come with purpose. :)
We are in the middle of fast advancing technology, sooner or later, we will be living inside the cyber world. All I’m thinking is, I don’t really need those, I just want them. Let’s say, I want a stuff toy, but I don’t need it. I want a dress, but I don’t need it. I want a new case for my camera, but I don’t really need it. I want the most expensive phone, but all I need is communication. Simple as it is. I don’t intend to offend those who buy, what they want to buy, for satisfaction. We have our own lives, and own choices. We have our own civilization and way of thinking. :)

So, my day wasn’t so tiring after my 2-hour ride home. Sure is not. My legs hurt. And I’ve had enough pizza. Tomorrow I’ll be starting my essays and assignments. Been homesick since the school begun. Shhh. I miss my family bonding. Have a great night everyone.


2 thoughts on “Realization today: The Guilty Pleasure

    hopefully you ‘ll take this constructively.. :)

    I don’t intend to “offense” those who buy…

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